Being set apart as a professional problem solver will be highly rewarding to you personally, because you will have acquired a coping mechanism that will be versatile in an ever-increasing complex business and personal world. Ultimately good problem-solving skills is a life skill.

  • FLEXIBILITY – IPPS certifications are not based on one specific methodology, they are flexible and adaptable. Your certification is recognition of your knowledge and skills to be applied comprehensively in any business situation. You may easily adapt and apply your skills between industries, market segments and geographic locations.
  • RECOGNITION – To raise the professional standards and improve the practice of PROBLEM SOLVING by awarding special recognition by their peers to those who, in fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct, have demonstrated and maintained a high level of competence and ethical practices.

  • CURRENT – Keeps you up to date. IPPS continually conducts studies to ensure that the credentials awarded reflect the current skills, knowledge and best practices you need to succeed. You never have to worry about an IPPS certification becoming obsolete. In the future our certification maintenance program requires you to continually develop your skills and stay current as the profession changes.

  • MARKETABILITY – Helps you get ahead. IPPS certification offers financial benefits and is destined to become a standard requirement by employment agencies, which sets you apart and promotes your abilities to any prospective employer.