Have you ever wondered why certain people in an organization have the ability to solve problems with much less effort than others? Somehow, they know the “right” questions to ask and how to collaborate with the “right” people in gathering and analyzing the incident data. This ability is often and erroneously attributed to subject matter expertise or to them just being “smarter”.

A bit of common sense and well-documented research will tell you this is not the case. These problem solvers have a secret…it is their ability to ask “process” questions. They have the ability to compare and eliminate anomalies in the situation. Think of Sherlock Holmes? Poirot? The secret of asking process questions is out…and can be learned. Integrating a thinking approach (process) with a subject matter experts (SME) content knowledge will elevate your ability to be a person known for their exceptional ability to solve (organizational) problems. 

Let us give praise where it is due, Professional Problem Solvers need to be encouraged, nourished and recognized. That is our goal as an industry non-profit organisation. We will identify and nourish the “professional” problem solvers among us. We would like to see everyone’s problem solving skill set improved and assessed against a common set of standards. Imagine what would happen in your organization if every employee rose to the level of a professional problem solver.  If Project Managers can be classified into various levels of professionalism, then we should be able to do the same for problem solvers.

In an increasingly complex and demanding problem-solving world, professional certification ensures that problem solvers will be ready to meet the demands of solving business problems across the globe. Learn more about IPPS’s certifications and find one that is right for you. Enhance your skill set and face problem challenges head-on with an IPPS certification.