Managing a business in today’s competitive environment has become more complex. Doing more with less, doing it faster and cheaper is the new norm. Today’s manager is challenged in a highly specialized world where they have to manage disciplines in which their knowledge and experience in all the disciplines are far from perfect. It is becoming more difficult to solve problems on just “content knowledge”. Individuals and teams need “process knowledge”. When we say process knowledge, we mean the ability to approach a problem situation with a mutually supported common process.

This makes it possible for skilled problem solvers to gather and analyze the correct information to provide an effective solution. The modern problem solver needs to be an expert data process facilitator to extract information from Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in a constructive, engaging and empowering manner. There is a science to problem-solving and decision making, and this science is not taught at schools, colleges or universities.


We serve the broad community of problem solvers globally. We want to ensure that whatever problem solving training, coaching or mentoring is being provided, is offered at the highest possible standard. IPPS will evaluate and certify company employees, management, problem solving trainers, coaches, colleagues, and mentoring consultants to ensure the problem solver being trained is receiving the best of the best.IPPS wants to ensure that each individual is skilled in the use of the appropriate tools, techniques and templates to help them solve problems and make decisions quickly, efficiently and permanently.