Our Mission

To promote effective problem-solving skills set to an equivalent level as the skills set employed in project management. To recognize and promote professionally trained problem solvers.

Our Vision

Each individual receiving an IPPS Professional Problem Solver accreditation will have earned a distinct and notable advantage in terms of talent acquisition.

Core Values

  • Flexibility – We will be proactive about client needs and the needs of our members. We will provide accreditations that will advance the recognition and reputation of professional problem solvers.
  • Innovation – We look for creative, new and better ways to provide targeted skills through the selection of highly effective skill providers.
  • Communication – We will provide timely market intelligence regarding new and improved skills and practices in the field of problem solving and decision making.
  • Integrity – We are honest and ethical in everything we do. We keep our commitments and treat others with respect and trust.
  • Commitment to our Partners and Customers – Our success is measured by the success and satisfaction of our strategic business partners and customers.