Network Partner

I think this vision was long overdue, because these days companies tend to employ proven problem solvers rather than training their staff to become a professional problem solver. Having a certification body like this will quickly identify the GAPS in the different critical thinking proficiency levels of different types of line managers.

John Hudson

Operations Director - KEPNERandFOURIE


We quickly found that certain individuals aspired to become professional inhouse problem solving facilitators. They love it and they love the contribution they are making towards solving critical problems quickly, accurately and effectively. They are catching the attention of senior managers and are enjoying a high level of confidence and trust put to them.

Sarah Fergusson

Continuous Improvement Coach - International Banking Group

Talent Manager

I am aware that more company managers are asking for "proof" of a candidate's problem solving and/or decision making abilities. Decision making was always treated as a a sub-part of leadership abilities, but this is changing very fast to becoming a staff skill standing all on its own.

Robin Borough

Cofounder of AristaHire

Foundation Certificate Recipient

I love the fact  that I have the knowledge and skills to approach any problem situation with a high degree of confidence. I know where to start and who to talk to, which are the foundation requirements for being a more effective problem solver. This is particularly true for doing Root Cause Analysis investigations with subject matter experts.

Amy Horncliff

Section Head - Customer Operations Division

Practitioner Certificate Recipient

What a wonderful job when you encounter challenging problems in Project Management and you have the skills to quickly react to these critical problems with a sledgehammer. It is simply identifying the problem situation correctly, concentrate on underlying issues and collaborate with the right people to arrive and a mutually inclusive and agreement solution. It is simple as that when you know what you are doing.

Michael Hall

Owner/Managing Director of a Consulting Company