Lean Six Sigma Accreditation and Certification Paths

Development of Lean Six Sigma Practitioners follows a vertical model where it is assumed that as an individual progresses prior knowledge remains in use. Knowledge and skill acquired at a lower level will therefore be usable and may be acknowledged in higher level accreditation. The diagram below shows the progression of Lean Six Sigma Practitioners in general as well as curriculum, certification and accreditation requirements. General guidelines for certification and accreditation of Lean Six Sigma are based on the curriculums as compiled by “businessimprovement.online” [ e3+d brand].

Lean Six Sigma Paths


Curriculum Requirements for Lean Six Sigma Knowledge

  • Option 1: Recognition of Prior Learning

The IPPS standards are flexible and allows for recognition of prior learning engaged in with other providers.

Prior Learning of Lean Six Sigma is recognized on condition that valid evidence of such prior learning can be presented. 

Candidates may be required to study components of the “e3+d” curriculum if such was not covered in a prior curriculum.

In all cases, when prior learning is recognized, candidates are required to demonstrate retention and understanding of such knowledge, by obtaining a pass mark for the appropriate IPPS Examination in order to be awarded CPD points. 

  • Option 2: No prior learning

If no prior learning is in place that could be recognized, the candidate  will be referred to “businessimprovement.online” for suitable learning, or the candidate may elect to do learning with another institution .    

Following training individuals can demonstrate knowledge and understanding by obtaining a pass mark for the appropriate IPPS examination and be awarded CPD points.


Lean Six Sigma Application Requirements

Where required for certification, candidates must provide objective evidence that Lean Six
Sigma Projects was implemented by the candidate personally within an organization.

Broad requirements are shown for the different levels of Lean Six Sigma in the diagram above.

CPD Points post Certification

Individuals can apply for the award of Lean Six Sigma CPD points post certification, using a
recently implemented Lean Six Sigma Project/s as evidence.

CPD points for projects implemented are similar to the CPD points awarded for an initial
certification project.