Corporate Certification

Accreditation for Organizations

We welcome applications from organizations because our objective is to elevate the status of effective problem solvers. IPPS will do everything in its power to promote the practice of professional problem solvers. Please complete the Organization Application form and we will contact you to discuss the most cost-effective way to promote the certification and accreditation of problem-solvers in your company.

This invitation is also open to any consulting company that would like to support this initiative. We have developed a distinctive approach for you and welcome additional providers of this accreditation through your own organization.

How to get Accredited

Are you an organization that provides Problem Solving, Decision Making and/or Risk Management training and would like to pre-qualify all your workshop participants to make them automatically eligible for the Foundation examination? If so, then we will work alongside you to make the accreditation available to your clients attending any of your workshops.

We will need to discuss the requirements and the nature of the examination to enable your workshops participants to pass the exam. This will qualify them for the Foundation Accreditation. The follow-on accreditations would be based on practical applications in the work environment and do not need any special preparation. This feature will make your organization more competitive and more attractive to prospective clients.

Take the next step and enquire whether collaboration with IPPS would be feasible and beneficial. Simply complete the attached application to help us to get to know you better and to advise you on the best way forward. If you are worried about IP and confidentiality, IPPS are happy to enter into an agreed non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Corporate Application Form