Vision and Values

To promote effective problem-solving skills set to an equivalent level as the skills set employed in project management. To recognize and promote professionally trained problem solvers.

Why Accreditation

Have you ever wondered why certain people in an organization have the ability to solve problems with much less effort than others? Somehow, they know the “right” questions to ask and how to collaborate with the “right” people in gathering and analyzing the incident data.


Being set apart as a professional problem solver will be highly rewarding to you personally, because you will have acquired a coping mechanism that will be versatile in an ever-increasing complex business and personal world. Ultimately good problem-solving skills is a life skill.


IPPS supports specific recognised standards in how problems are resolved. These principles and high-level standards are agreed by Senior Managers in various industries and disciplines across the globe:  

Our Motivation

The institute for Professional Problem Solvers is the brainchild of various colleagues and company employees asking to be recognized for doing a well-recognized and problem-solving workshop. The impact of such a workshop is life-changing and motivating the workshop participant to start applying the skills in their own work environment. The results are visible immediately and highly beneficial to individuals, teams and organization. This type of situation made senior managers realize that the would love to work with teams that has a common approach to problem solving and therefore it would be advisable to certify individuals who has the skills.   

Problem Solving Certification

Lean & Process Science

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Incident Management

Certify Incident Mangers to manage an Incident Inves-tigation Bridge systematically and successfully to reduce “trail and error” actions and overuse of Subject Matter Experts.

Problem Management

Root Cause Analysis skills to enable Problem Managers and Business to agree on both the Technical Cause and the Root Cause. This process is highly logical and syste-matic to ensure the team arrives at the correct root cause.

Project Teams

Complex problem-solving for project team members to mutually arrive at innovative and design thinking actions quickly and accurately. The main aim is to get consensus on “next actions” quickly  and maintain project momentum.

RISK Migitation

Using the problem-solving skills to address general risk situations and especially Cyber Security risks on a pro-active basis. The aim is to identify system threats and build resilience’s. This is the most useful when you want to create an “upswell” instead of replying on a top-down approach. 

Operations Problem Solving

Most applicable for basic and advanced problem-solving practices within production/manufacturing and engineering work environments. Skills can vary from Operator Troubleshooting to Root Cause Analysis and eventually Root Cause Analytical Troubleshooting approaches. 


The IPPS certifications are primarily based upon the world-renowned KEPNERandFOURIE processed-based problem-solving methodologies. IPPS also allow other training and development options that could qualify for their certification levels. 

Primarily three levels of qualification based upon a mix of problem-solving knowledge and skills and ultimately proving problem solving abilities supported by proven experience.

IPPS is supported by an independent Board of Directors representing various problem-solving methodologies and Captains of Industry. 

Each certificate is earned based on either an online examination and/or a senior line manager sign-off confirming level of competence.  

The IPPS is following and striving to achieve the same level of credibility that the Project Management Institute is currently enjoying with their PMP(Project Management Professional).

The more advanced qualifications are based on results achieved in their own work environment. The applicant needs to provide senior line manager testimonials to their ability to initiate and deliver CI Projects successfully.