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Problem Solving

There are several paths available to acquire the different levels of accreditation. 

Lean Thinking

Development of Lean Thinkers follows a vertical model where it is assumed that as an individual progresses prior knowledge remains in use.

Lean Six Sigma

Development of Lean Six Sigma Practitioners follows a vertical model where it is assumed that as an individual progresses prior knowledge remains in use.

We do realize that the ability to make meaningful decisions and solve problems effectively is based on both skill and experience. We therefore recognize that any level of accreditation needs to embody a combination of skills acquired through training and the application of training within the work environment.  The accreditation is not based on any specific problem-solving methodology. The requirement is that candidates must be able to demonstrate their ability to determine the reason/cause for a simple problem and also to recommend a realistic solution for the same scenario.  


Foundation Problem Solver

At this level, the candidate must be able to determine the cause of the problem and recommend a feasible solution. The candidate must be able to visually demonstrate how they arrive at their answer. There is no need to demon-strate any proficiency in any one branded problem-solving methodology. Proficiency may have been acquired through work experience and/or having atten-ded a training workshop. Training vendors may ad-minister an examination directly after a training workshop or some time thereafter.


Practitioner Problem Solver

The prerequisite for this accreditation is the completion of the Foundation Certification. At this level the can-didates must submit and have approved a total of six on-job applications of either finding causes or marking decisions or a combination from their workplace. Any submissions will remain confidential. Names and num-bers may be altered to ensure anonymity.

Master Problem Solver

A prerequisite is the completion of the Practitioner Problem Solver Accreditation. At this level, candidates must be able to demonstrate and verify that they have facilitated a complete improvement initiative within their existing company. This will need the endorsement of a senior leaders from the candidate’s organisation.   

Lean Thinking

  • Lean Thinking Foundation
  • Lean Thinking Practitioner
  • Lean Thinking Manager

Lean Six Sigma

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt