Support your staff by providing them with problem solving tools for professional growth and learning.

Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making plays a critical role in the execution of any successful business, execution of any successful  business.

The ability of staff to  find the most effective “way forward” is becoming a critical thinking skill. Identifying the correct cause of a problem “first time, every time” and finding collaborative solutions to resolve it is becoming a highly sought-after skill set. The aim of the IPPS (Institute for Professional Problem Solvers) is to identify individuals that have the ability to solve problems and find solutions that will make a difference to the company results achieved. They have an intrinsic value that is not always recognized or compensated for within their organization.

Regardless of your industry or mission, effective problem solvers are the value drivers that help maximize your organization’s  performance. Organizational support of a common approach to problem solving does not begin and end with hiring a person, but rather lies with the development provided to them. Support your problem-solving talent by giving them the  tools for professional growth and learning.

When developed and nurtured to become a driving force inside an organization, their enhanced skillset adds value by improving:

  • Quicker execution of strategy.
  • Better integration and utilization across all functions.
  • Building of a reliable and formidable Knowledge Management base.

You will have a competitive advantage when procuring new employees for your organization by securing:

  • Verified/Certified problem solving and decision-making records indicating the professional level of each applicant’s problem solving and decision-making capabilities.
  • Experienced problem-solving staff who have demonstrated their ability to solve problems at source.


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